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Hello !

ILO is a Finnish “enjoy”, in Japanese means “color and personality”.
What is your color? Accept the truth of color, do you enjoy?
And that it is not the same as the other, that do not know their own color, why do not suffer?
Also caught in the frame in the company organization, Do not lose sight of their color?

Rather than thinking that was patterned stuck in winning or losing and types, creativity produce a lot of answer – what your creativity is, everyone will produce a state of be happy “Win-Win”.
In a multicultural society, unitary answer is no longer working, the power to create something was not until the flexibility and diversity, now becomes your big attraction, it is the age you will become a force for to survive.

And to enjoy to be a naked, that it does not conflict with other, to obtain the benefits and results are not consistent. Even unplug the power of the shoulder, you should Ikinukeru creatively to enrich your life. 

Is passed through the art and creative work, “I say in it but different with your color other people, special and beautiful” to know that, just as it is aware of the beauty of other people’s color, not private only work also, and look forward to continuing creating something with fellow team, of that I want to fill your life with the ILO, is the wish of the ILO members.

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